The Metomic cookie consent widget is now Confirmic

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Rich Vibert
Rich Vibert

Hello! If you’ve arrived here via a link to "Metomic" and found a page talking about "Confirmic", rest assured you’re in the right place!

Over the past two years from our base in London, Metomic has been hard at work helping companies manage today’s privacy expectations and regulations.

The first product we built was our cookie widget. It was becoming so popular that we were increasingly finding it a challenge to balance our work developing other products which were equally as exciting and better fitted to our skill sets.

After announcing in early 2021 the decision to discontinue the cookie widget, many customers were disappointed they would no longer be able to use a product they loved so much. We listened to them and realised the world still suffered the same problem that made us release the product in the first place: cookie solutions are difficult to use and they look bad.

So, we decided to keep the product alive, but give it to someone who could be laser focused on solving the cookie consent problem and continue to drive the product forwards.

Metomic have teamed up with Stef, a designer and technologist who will be maintaining and growing the Metomic cookie widget from here on, under a new name – Confirmic. Meanwhile, the Metomic team will be focused on helping tech scale ups discover and control sensitive data in the cloud.

While we’re changing this over, the service will continue uninterrupted, but we’re currently pausing new sign-ups. As an existing user you’ll need to make a small tweak to your setup over the coming few weeks. Look out for an email about that.

We hope you like the new look, and renewed focus on making a beautiful cookie experience for your visitors. We’re excited for the future of privacy and design going hand in-hand.